Spray or Swipe Away Bad Breath 

and have Clean Teeth Too!

$14.95 after $5 mail in Rebate! 

Give Your Cat or Dog Fresher Breath, Healthier Gums and Cleaner Teeth with Plaque Attack

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Every Bottle is up to a

3 Month Supply!

  • Gel Version available!
  • Human Grade Essential Oils
  • Chewing is not enough!

  • Don't Delay- Buy Today!

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45 day money back guarantee

New & Improved Formula 

with more essential oils! 


Before Use Tooth and Gums



Healthier Teeth And Gums for under $.30 per day!


Essential Oils

Human Grade and Pure!


Spray or Swipe!

No Messy Brushing! Great for Cats and Dogs

Natural, Essential Ingredients

Essential Oils are Nature's Dentist! Hundreds of Thousands sold and used!

Simply Spray twice a day until Teeth Clean- then just one spray a day.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Thyme Essential Oil

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract

Stabilizer: Natural Grain Alcohol

45 day money back guarantee

Works for 

Cats and Dogs!

Spray your way to better oral health

Stop the 

Decay Cycle

Essential Oils help reduce the problems

Bad Dental 

Health Happens

Be proactive and help your pet!

Love those close 

moments again!

Keep your pet healthy

Made In USA 

Formulated with Human Grade Essential Oils

  • Purity Tested

  • Human Grade

  • Natural & Homeopathic

Why Subscribe 

with Easy Ship?

  • Consistency is key. Routines are easier for your pet and you. You won’t run out and their mouth will appreciate it.
  • Save Money! Free shipping for all Easy Ship orders. Save for your Smile.
  • You can customize it all, frequency (every 1,2,3 months), quantity (as many as you want), even cancel,  just email us, details are included in every package.

  • Just $19.95 per bottle per shipment with Free Shipping. All you have to do is spray!
  • Want gel instead of spray? Easy Ship is easily personalized for you.


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45-Day Money Back Guarantee

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$19.95 + $6.95 S&H

$14.95 after mail in rebate.

  • One-Time Purchase

  • Up to a 3-Month Supply

  • Comes with $5 Mail In Rebate!

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45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Offer Details: 1 ounce Plaque Attack is over 220 sprays and is around a 3 month supply for a medium sized dog starting with bad teeth.  The usage is higher initially until teeth and gums improve and fewer sprays are needed to maintain a healthy mouth.  Price plus shipping and handling. Sales taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser. Texas sales tax of 8.25% is collected and remitted- all other states are responsibility of purchaser.

Free Bottle offer: FOR THOSE WHO SUBSCRIBE ONLY: Customers will receive their third bottle Free just pay $6.95- a savings of $19.95.  Customers will receive one bottle of Plaque Attack every three months thereafter unless cancelled before shipment for 19.95- that is under 30 cents per day for your pets health!

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